Disaster at the Dentist!


So, today baby L had a pediatric dentist appointment. It did not go well.

Here is the backstory to why I even had to make the appointment:

About a month ago, baby L was playing and started to get a bit fussy. I went over to him to see what was wrong and when I looked down, his entire mouth was covered in blood! Needless to say, I panicked. I yelled for my husband who quickly ran downstairs. Before I had a chance to assess the situation, baby L’s bottom tooth fell onto the floor. He didn’t fall, he didn’t bump his mouth, it just fell out.

My 9 month old had already lost a tooth!

As I am trying to make sense of what just happened, my seven year old is concerned with how much money baby L will get from the tooth fairy! Oh to have the worries and concerns of a seven year old!

After seeing my dentist and the pediatrician, who ruled out any type of blood disease, we were referred to a pediatric dentist. And thus, my story of today begins.

Typical dentist office experience- you will wait at least 30 minutes after your appointment to be seen. This was very true today. Baby L was in a great mood when we arrived. Forty five minutes later and still in the waiting room, baby L was antsy.

We are finally called. I explain the situation to the dentist. We discuss some things for a few minutes and then he tells me the hygienist will take baby L back. I explain to him that I can carry him back.

Oh but guess what, apparently it is against their office
policy to allow parents back with their children!

Their office policy states that, “as in school, children focus better without parents around…”

This sign should be on a 10 year old’s bedroom door, not as a policy at a PEDIATRIC dentist!

Excuse me, but is a 10 month old considered a child? Does a 10 month old attend school? No!

The receptionist, office manager, whatever comes in to explain to me that I should have been informed of this policy over the phone when I made the appointment. I wanted to say, “Do you think I would bring my 10 month old here if I had known this?” What kind of office does not allow a parent to accompany their baby??!!

The dentist is traumatic enough for an adult, let alone, a child who has no idea who the hell these masked people are or what they are doing inside his mouth!

Really, you think this makes a 10 month old comfortable?

I will admit I became an emotional mess. The tears started falling. The receptionist, trying to console me, not realizing I had no intention or desire to be friendly with her, asked me to head to the waiting room.

The ONLY reason I did not walk straight out of the office is because a girl I knew from high school works there as a hygienist and she took baby L. The next fifteen minutes seemed like forever though! They brought baby L back, with his eyes red and puffy.

The dentist recommended he come back in 6 months.
I walked out of that office and will NEVER be going back!

Oh, and P.S. don’t think I didn’t come right home and write a review about their complete lack of understanding about the importance of the baby-mother relationship!


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