All Mom Wants for Christmas is a Stainless Steel Trash Can….


Growing up means your Christmas gifts become extremely practical. I am not asking for jewelry this year- necklaces and earrings have become avenues for extreme pain. I am not asking for DVDs that collect dust waiting for me to have the time, let alone the energy to stay up and watch them. I am not asking for clothes- I might as well wait for  five years until I can keep a shirt void of spit up stains. No, this year, I am asking for a stainless steel trash can…and here is why…

So, when baby L was first born, I thought to buy stock in Duracell Batteries. I felt that for the first 6 months everything needed batteries-  the bouncy seat that vibrated and played music, the swing, the mobile, the exersaucer that of course needed music along with the 20+ toys circling my little guy. I was buying and replacing batteries every few weeks.

Oh, how things have changed! He has outgrown the swing, the bouncy seat, and to be confined in the exersaucer is near torture in the mind of an 11 month old on the move.

Baby L’s favorite things currently include: the trash can, paper towel rolls, old christmas tins, water bottles, capri sun boxes, and  measuring cups! Why even spend money on toys these days?!

When Baby L is in the kitchen, every 10 minutes he is pulling up on the trash can. I feel too much of my day is spent pulling him away from the trash can saying “No, yucky.” In his mind, that means…”let’s do it again.” Even after the trash can fell on him, trash surrounding him, he didn’t back down.

Baby L and his obsession! 

I know you are supposed  to  be persistent. But, I gave up. The trash can is now in our dining room, secured behind a baby gate- prison walls to Baby L.

I have now asked my husband for a stainless steel trash can, something more sturdy, weighted, that hopefully baby L can’t knock down every five minutes.

Please Santa, Bring me This! 


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  1. LOL this is hysterical! 🙂 I spent the big bucks on a stainless steal trash can and couldn’t be happier. I got the half-round one… It is flush against the wall with its delicate curve gracefully sticking out… Oh how I love that can! 🙂

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