Owning a Home-a To Do List that NEVER Ends!


We have lived in our house now for a little over 3 years. After tearing out all the carpet, painting every room, replacing EVERY light fixture, remodeling the kitchen, and so much more- my “things to do around the house” list isn’t any shorter than day one.

The one “to-do” on my list that is never-ending is the tedious task of painting trim. Once you finish painting trim in the house, if you ever finish, it is already scuffed up and discolored and ready to start again.

But let me tell you, and as my mother has always preached, fresh trim makes a world of difference!

When I moved into our current house, I thought the trim looked great….UNTIL I decided to repaint it.

The trim around the door is the original trim color. The baseboard is what I have repainted. 

 Better? I think Yes.

I challenge all of you  homeowners, who have the time and the drive…look at your trim. Could it use some touch ups?

So, to today, taking a break from my hallway trim, I decide to dive into a “to-do” that is needed, but I could never find the time or the motivation.

My hubby watched Baby L so that I could actually be productive and not worry about Baby L getting into something every five minutes that he shouldn’t be. I almost had forgotten what productivity was until today. For all those moms out there, you know what I mean.

Our walk-in closet in our master bedroom was in desperate need of a fresh paint job. The walls were covered with scuff marks from the many mornings my husband has come home from a long shift at work and tossed his work boots in the closet, with no concern as to where they landed or what marks were left on the wall.

Closet walls, after much wear and tear! 

The shoe shelves needed a face lift as well. My husband had built shoe shelves for me the first month we moved in. However, they were only pieces of plywood with what i would call a five years olds spray paint job. They needed to be painted.

My shoe shelves!

I love them, but I would love them to be more appealing to the eyes! 

I cleared everything out of the closet-a task in and of itself. I was slightly embarrassed by the number of shoes piled up in the corner of my room. How in the world have we acquired this much stuff?

After hours of edging in around the ceilings, trying not to spill paint on the carpet, callouses forming on my palms from gripping the rollers…the closet and shelves are painted. Everything is back in the closet- more organized than ever.

Scuff marks-Gone! 

Shelves Painted and Organized! 

And..an added perk…I found a diamond stud earring that I lost two Christmases ago! 🙂 Pays off to take time to clean and re-organize those places in the house that may not seem so important!

P.S. My week of cooking is going quite well. My pulled pork yesterday was a huge hit with my boys and my in-laws. I highly recommend the recipe!


Tonight, I made an orange chicken that wasn’t too bad. Not what I order @ The Cheesecake Factory, but hey, I’m just starting this whole family dinners thing.


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