Bumps, Bruises, Cuts…Oh My!


Baby L has started walking and I have quickly realized that I am not mentally prepared. I admire his fearlessness, but at the same time, I cringe every time I watch him fall, sometimes inches from the corner of a cabinet or table. 

Yesterday, Baby L and I were playing in his play room- a room that I thought was pretty baby proofed.

No room is baby proof!

Before I even know what happened, Baby L, while walking, had fallen into the side of his play table. I waited for a reaction as I have quickly learned not to overreact every time he falls. I look down at him-  his facial expression is one of pain, however, nothing is vocalized until seconds later. A pretty good sized knot and bruise quickly form above his eye. I pick him up, comfort him, and within minutes he is on the move again.

I guess this is just the beginning of many bumps, bruises, tears, and mini heart attacks for mom…:(


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    • Yes it is craziness. He took a couple steps one day and then the next day he was everywhere! I have learned that falling is going to be a common occurrence for a while- especially when he thinks he is a lot faster than he is. He gets some momentum and just keeps going! Good luck! Cherish this time, when they aren’t as mobile 🙂

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