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You know you’re too old for the bar scene when…


Last night the hubby and I had a night out, kid-free. We went out in the city with some friends, hit up a comedy club, and then headed to a nearby bar for some drinks. Needless to say, we should have stopped with the comedy club.

We realized quickly we have become too old for the bar scene, or at least the “city” bar scene. The bar at Chili’s or Applebees we probably could have handled.

You have become too old for the city bar scene when…

1. No bar is worth standing in a long line,in the cold while wearing skin tight jeans, a flirty tank top and ridiculously high heels. Really it doesn’t even matter about the cold or the outfit. Why stand in line for a bar anyways, oh, and then pay a $5 cover?

2. You appreciate good music. However, when the music is blaring at a level where you are screaming to talk to the person directly next to you-no thanks. Give me a bottle of wine, some friends,a living room, and a game of scene it instead.

3. You think it is outrageous to pay $7 for a rum and coke. I could buy an entire bottle of wine for what I paid for one drink! 

4. As a friend stated last night, “the guys in this bar look so young…I feel like I could have babysat them.” Time to go somewhere else. 

5. Midnight feels like 3am. You don’t even make it till last call.

Agree! I should have definitely napped before our night out! 

It was a great night with awesome friends, but I think next time we will stick with a game of monopoly and a case of beer.

P.S. Looking forward to the next time I can go to bed at night and wake up the next morning without ever turning on a baby monitor or listening to baby monitor static all night.

For all you parents out there, you know the feeling! 🙂


10 Things I Have Learned Living With Boys!


10  things I have learned living with all boys! 

1. Farts are funny and always will be-no matter how old you are. 

It is scary that my husband, 27 years old, will still sometimes laugh when he farts. If M farts, M won’t be able to stop his laughing for who knows how long. What is even more scary- Baby L will “toot” as I like to call it, look at my husband or M and then let out a little laugh. Are you serious? It must be a genetic thing in males.

Oh, and they don’t even need to be real farts.  M makes fart noises with his armpits, legs, whatever. Oh lord…I better just get used to it.

But it’s okay- they’ve got nothing on my burps-  mom can outburp them all 🙂

2. Wrestling and “Play” Fighting is the only way to have fun. 

I can’t count the number of times M and my husband start a wrestling match or a “fight.” Even Baby L will try and crawl on top of them these days.

I will admit, I will start a challenge with M every now and then. I won’t win for long, he’ll be bigger than me any day, so I might as well take advantage.

Pile Up-Baby L on daddy who is on M. 

3. I will never buy enough milk. 

 For real. A gallon of milk lasts our family about 1.5 days. No joke. Today I went to the store and bought two gallons of 1% milk and one gallon of whole milk for Baby L. Guarantee I will be back at the store by Monday buying more milk. Growing boys!

4. Quiet Time does not exist. 

5. Anything can be made into a toy gun. I mean anything. 

M has an imagination like no one else I know. He can pretend anything is a gun-a pencil, paper, tree limbs, silverware, legos, straws, you name it- it’s a toy gun.

6. Shoot em’ up video games are cool- not violent. Oh, and you’re never too old for arcade games. 

M would want to play any of these new video  games any day if I would let him. But, unfortunately for him, mom thinks there too violent. To every boy and man, hubby included, the games are “cool.”

Oh, and if M ever suggests going to the local arcade-hubby is right on board. They play shoot em’ up games, racing games, and whatever else. I usually wander around aimlessly, overwhelmed by the screaming kids, loud noises, and flashing lights. I will hit up a game of skee ball though 🙂 But, again- boys are never too old for arcades.

7. Fire is awesome. Blowing up stuff is even better! 

Fourth of July at my parent’s house is always a blast for M and my hubby. They end up making bottle rockets, blowing up GI Joes, blowing up canteloupes or whatever else they can come up with. What guy wouldn’t think that is awesome?

M waiting to blow up a can or a GI Joe or just play with smoke bombs? 

8. Big Trucks and Sports Cars – all guys want one or the other- or both 

M, at 7 years old, already claims he is going to buy a corvette when he is 16. Little does he realize he needs a heck of a lot of money and mommy and daddy are sure as hell not paying the insurance for that!

M is also obsessed with big diesel trucks. I took him to a truck and tractor pull last year. Below, was his reaction- needless to say he thought it was awesome.

M checking out some cars at a local Fourth of July Festival 

9. No matter how much mom will love it, boys do not want to wear argyle sweaters or boat shoes. Or corduroys–sorry Nana. 

Little does M know, I bought him an argyle sweater for Christmas. As long as he wears it a couple times, I’ll be happy. And at least I have a few years to dress Baby L all “preppy,” as my hubby calls it, before he has an opinion on his wardrobe.

10. Boys always love their mama.

No matter how crazy I get, no matter how many times I calls M’s outfit “cute” or want him to hold my hand, and no matter how many times I tell them to “calm down,” my boys always love me. They will cuddle with me, hug me, hang out with me, and still take goofy pictures with me.

I have learned so much more living with boys, but the list would just keep going. Boys love bugs, they want them as pets. Jeans will always have holes in them.  It’s cool to watch dad gut a deer. The house will never be clean. No, mom, we do not notice the dirt underneath our nails…etc. etc.

12 months old and already addicted to the iPad!


Baby L loves my iPad. I may have made the mistake of downloading some apps for him, so now of course he thinks the iPad is his toy. He probably thinks it is just another toy he should be able to carry around with him, but for some reason mean mommey won’t let him. Yeah, kid, you’re right- I’m not  going to let you carry around a $500 “toy.’ Scream all you want.

I absolutely love the iPad. I use it for everything! I check my email, surf the internet, check facebook, play games, watch my tv shows (since I canceled cable), listen to my music, and the list goes on. I also downloaded some apps for the boys. I’ve realized that the iPad is a great tool to use when it is time to “chill out” before Baby L’s nap or relax in the evening. There are two apps that Baby L is a big fan of. He may not tell me verbally, but I can definitely tell by the expression on his face and his squeels of delight as he is checking out the apps.

Baby L’s fave iPad apps!

#1 – I Hear Ewe

This app includes 24 different animal sounds and 12 vehicle sounds. You just simply tap on the picture of either the animal or vehicle and the computer will say,”This is the sound a dog makes…” and then you will hear the sound. Baby L loves it. He navigates the screen by himself (already at 12 months! scary) and loves to hear the different sounds! He often turns the iPad over to try and figure out where the sounds are coming from 🙂

Baby L playing on the iPad!

# 2 – Baby Finger HD

Pr etty much, when you tap the screen different numbers and shapes pop up, along with different sounds. I find some of the sounds bazzaar, such as the flushing toilet, but Baby L loves it. Whatever floats his boat!


Let me remind you, both of the above apps are free.

I’m pretty cheap when it comes to buying apps. However, I did just spend a whopping $3.99 on an app for Baby L. Recently, we have been checking out the Sandra Boynton books at the library. Baby L seems to enjoy them when M reads them to him. I bought one of her books in the app store, The Going To Bed Book. You have the option of the computer reading it to you or reading it outloud to yourself. So far, Baby L only shows interest if he is really tired and not interested in playing and touching the screen. I would probably wait a little while before buying anymore “book” apps-I think Baby L still wants to be able to eat and throw his books.


I know some parents may be concerned about introducing their children to technology so young, but this is what our world has become. M, who is now in second grade, has been using Apple laptops at school since Kindergarten. God knows, he will know more about computers in a few years than I do. At least I haven’t gotten Baby L or M their own twitter or facebook account…not yet…

Check out this article..

“Twitter For Babies? Parents Reserving Accounts Early”

Technology is a great way to get children interested in learning. M, who claims he HATES math, will play any of the math apps I have downloaded any day. Now, if I wanted to practice his addition facts with flashcards- no way. Anyway he wants to learn- as long as he is learning. And of course, he plays angry birds every now and then…

The iPad is a great tool that I will continue using with my boys. As Baby L becomes a toddler, the number of educational apps available becomes overwhelming. We will see if my iPad even makes into his toddling years… I did get the warranty plan though just in case he runs off with my iPad one of these days.

But, Baby L doesn’t need mommy’s iPad…he can get his own..check this out…

It’s like an iPad for kids under the age of 3!

The Vinci Genius

Now if mom had $500 to spare, maybe Baby L could get this from Santa.

Till  next time…



In Search for the “Perfect” Sippy Cup!


Baby L has been 100% off bottles for three days now. I started introducing him to whole milk a week or two before he turned one. When he turned one, I wanted to be done with the whole buying formula thing and I wanted to be done with the bottles.

I definitely did not want my kid to be that 3 year old still needing a bottle…Poor Suri Cruise.

The transition to whole milk was simple enough. Baby L hasn’t had any issues with new foods or liquids.  Honestly, he would probably eat or drink anything put in front of him.  The transition to only sippy cups hasn’t been difficult, but isn’t smooth sailing quite yet.

I’m pretty sure I have bought every sippy cup on the store shelf- trying to find the “perfect” cup. There are sooo many to choose from.

This is a snapshot of my “sippy cup cabinet” at this time. And, I’m pretty sure there are some in the dishwasher too!

Babies sure are picky when it comes to their drinkware.

I have quickly learned that Baby L does not want to be burdened with having to lift his hands higher than shoulder-level to drink his milk.

Any sippy cup that needs to be lifted and tilted is out of the question.

I only have about 3 or 4 of the above featured sippy cup…money down the drain. The only way Baby L will use this is if I am sitting there holding and tilting it for him. Otherwise, it becomes just another toy to be chucked across the room.

Baby L has decided he prefers to drink from a straw, which I am actually very happy about. According to the article below, cups and cups with straws are preferred over the typical “sippy” cup. Using a sippy cup for a prolonged period of time can result in lisps and other speech difficulties. I guess then I’m not too upset over those four or five cups barely used, collecting dust in the cabinet…

Okay, so I bought a bunch of different sippy cups that all have some sort of straw. And again, he has to be picky. Apparently, some of the straws are more challenging than others. It is true. My husband and I had a difficult time trying to drink from some. And yes, we did try.

The winner, after trying four or five, ended up being….the Playtex Lil Gripper.

Baby L loves this cup and has had no difficulty using it. I am slowly building my collection. I usually buy them at Walmart or Target. They are about 5 bucks a piece…figures my kid wants the expensive sippy cup.

The only downside to this particular cup is that it occasionally leaks. Yes, I know every cup advertises “spill proof” or “leak-free.” All us moms know that is not true. In this cup, liquid seems to remain in the straw and if the cup is lifted upside down or thrown on the floor, everyday occurence in my house, the stored up liquid will leak onto the floor. Minor details though.

My kid is drinking his milk three times a day all by himself. That is what matters.

Just a little laugh…

P.S. Let me know your “sippy cup” experience. Any other sippy cups out there I should try or you recommend for a straw loving baby?

Mom’s Night Out- We Party Like Rock Stars…


Mom’s Night Out- we party like rock stars- at least in our own mom world-which really means we have a burger, one alcoholic beverage, and we are in bed by 1030…

Tonight I went to my once a month Mom’s Night Out. And of course had a great time- I always do. My fellow mom’s are excellent company and we always have a night full of laughs. Our conversations tonight varied from our discussion of our love for beans to the fact that I could probably flirt my way into getting us free drinks for the night to learning our state capital has one of the highest STD rates…Goodness knows how we find our topics of conversation.


When Baby L was just a month old, I decided to try out this mother/baby group at one of the local churches that was advertised through the hospital. I figured it would be an avenue to meet other new moms and would serve as a support group for the adventure I will call breastfeeding. It was successful in both. The woman leading the group, a lactation consultant, provided an enormous amount of information and advice concerning breastfeeding and everything that goes along with that. I also met a group of women that have become more than just a baby support group-they have become friends.

About 5 or 6 of us started meeting for coffee every week after group. We started to get to know each other. Added perk- we all have boys and they are all within a month or two in age of each other! Pretty awesome!

The once a week group at the church was designed for moms with babies under the age of 6 months. Before we knew it, our little guys were at that age! It was time for us to graduate from our Tuesday morning group- we had to make room for the moms with only week-old babies! We decided then that we would continue to meet once a week….and we did.

We have met every week since then (minus a couple hectic weeks). We have watched our babies grow into little boys! We have shared our excitements about their firsts, we have shed tears and shared our frustrations, and we have laughed! We use each other as a sounding board, asking questions, discussing our babies new stages of development, expressing our concerns.

We talk about feeding schedules, sleep schedules, introducing solids, and yes, we even talk about their poop. 🙂

And as crazy as our lives get, we have always made time for our once a week baby group.

I could not imagine the past year without this group of women. They have not only provided insight, advice, and sanity when I needed it, but we have created a friendship and bond I could not put into words.

Now that our babies boys are older and don’t need mommy 24/7, we have started going out for dinner and drinks once a month, baby-free. These nights, which I look forward to all month long, are our “girls night outs.” And though we may not live it up like we did pre-baby, pre-hubby, and although we are ready for bed at 10pm, we have fun, we drink, and we laugh! And honestly, that is all that matters.

I cherish these nights- I cherish these women.

P.S. I strongly suggest anyone expecting or anyone with a little one-reach out to your community resources. You never know who you will meet, how they will help,or the impact they will make in your life.

My child is going to grow up to be a… headbanger??!!


Baby L is going to grow up to be a head banger!

He bangs his head on everything…the wood floor, the couch, the highchair tray, his toys, and yes, even me. It started about a month ago and at first I thought nothing of it. I decided to ignore it and figured he would stop. I was wrong. It continues.

I started googling, “baby head banging,” and discovered that it is actually quite common with babies this age and even more common with boys. Figures.

I tried to figure out the reason behind his self-inflicted pain. Maybe he is tired and this is his way of telling me? Maybe he is frustrated with a toy or something is out of reach?  I started to see a a pattern developing. He did head bang more often in the evening- maybe because he was overstimulated throughout the day and overtired? Well, at least that is what I thought for about two days-until- for the past few days, he seems to be head banging all the time, all day, and for no apparent reason. I just don’t get it.

I guess I shouldn’t have let my hubby convince me to go to that rock concert when I was 6 months pregnant…yeah, that’s what I will blame this on… 🙂

If he does it for attention- he gets it. I try to ignore it, but when he bangs his head on the wood floor to the point of making himself cry and leaving red marks on his forehead, I have no choice but to pick him up. I do try and immediately redirect his attention to a book or a toy. The pediatrician, at his one year checkup, said it is common and there isn’t much you can do, but to let them outgrow it.

Seriously kid, can we outgrow this soon, like soon as in this week?!

I guess this is what Santa is bringing you this year….

“Building” Memories- Lego Themed First Birthday Party


So, Baby L’s First Birthday Party details!

Baby L, the birthday boy! 

We held his party Sunday afternoon, couldn’t interrupt hunting season on Saturday! We invited about 25 of our close family and friends. It     didn’t seem like too many people, until they were all here, all wanting time with Baby L. Baby L was overwhelmed with the number of people and already yawning, he had decided that morning he was ready to party then and didn’t need to take his nap. Figures.

Besides me under estimating the amount of food I would need- poor party planning on my part, oops!- I think the party was a great success. I kept with my Lego theme as much as I could with limited resources and a relatively small budget to work with. No need to go over the top for a party Baby L won’t even remember.

Below are some snapshots from the party( I will warn you- I have a very outdated camera, with a cracked LCD screen):

The Drink Station! 

I bought yellow solo cups( Buy one, get one 1/2 off at Party City-they have that deal quite often!) and took a Sharpie Marker and simply drew a smiley face, or more of a smirk, on each cup. I knew some people would drink wine and I wanted to spice the wine glasses up a bit. I found a link online for the lego man head template. ( I copied and pasted it into Microsoft Word and printed it out on yellow paper. I again drew the “lego man smirk” as I will call it. I taped them on each glass. I added a wooden “1” I found at a local craft store and painted it blue.

And ta da…a relatively easy drink station complete.

Guess How Many Legos! 

Again, this was very easy. I am an extremely hardcore yard saler- I get it from my mom. I try and go every Saturday. As my husband gets excited for hunting season to start, I get depressed because the beginning of hunting season starts to signal the end of “yard sale season” as I call it. Anyway-back to the party. Over the summer I had found a huge bucket of legos for only $2. For anyone who has ever bought legos, you know how pricey these blocks can get. I couldn’t pass up the deal-I figured I would find something to use them for or would end up giving them to M for Christmas.

Well- I actually found a few things to use them for.This was the first. I simply filled a mason jar I found around the house with legos, obviously counting them as I went. I then printed a sign out asking each guest to guess how many. The prize ending up being a Lowe’s Gift Card so the winner could start “building” something for themselves.

Lego-Themed Ornament Favors! 

Second use for my bucket full of yard sale legos! Christmas Ornament Favors.These were a huge hit! ( wish I had a close up :()

Because we mainly had adults at Baby L’s party and because his birthday is in December, I decided to make ornaments as the favors. I found clear, plastic ball ornaments at Michael’s Arts and Crafts Store. I paid about 79 cents for each one. They were normally more, but I caught them on a week they were on sale, plus if you sign up for Michael’s email list- you will ALWAYS get coupons- I never pay for anything full price there! I bought about 20 or so.

I then filled each one with a variety of legos- different colors and sizes.Then came the most tedious and time consuming part. I took puffy paint- I only had the fabric kind, but it worked great- and I wrote on each bulb, “Thank you for “Building” Memories with me! 2011″ I had some leftover ribbon from who knows where and I tied a piece on each ornament. They came out better than I had imagined.

Lego-Themed Page for Baby L’s Scrapbook! 

 I didn’t get a good picture of this, but it is simple to explain. I used construction paper to create legos for a scrapbooking page. I glued a couple “legos” on the page. I then had every guest write a message and sign the page. I will make this Baby L’s last page of his first year scrapbook- It will complete his first year of “building” memories. I thought of this because I really believe the frame with everyone’s signatures around it is way overdone.

How many frames from significant events can we have hanging on our walls?? We would have our first birthday, highschool graduation, college graduation, promotions, wedding, etc… the list could go on…

Party Decorations

So, I already had this candle holder, not sure the proper name for it. I simply added Legos around the candle instead of the stones I originally had in it. Simple.

Not sure if you can see, again fail on me for not taking a better picture, I created large lego blocks. I took old Capri Sun Boxes and wrapped them in wrapping paper. I then used construction paper of the same color and cut 8 circles. I taped them on. They worked out as great centerpieces and Baby L has been playing with them ever since.

Lego Candies. I bought these at a candy shop in our mall. They added a little something. I have read some blogs, where the person hosting has also made their food lego-themed and lego-shaped.  Honestly, I did not have the time, the motivation, or the culinary expertise for that. If you do- more power to you.

Baby L’s Birthday Cake 

I will preface this with- I definitely did not make this and would never have the creativity, patience, or experience to create such a wonderful cake!  My mother has a close friend who makes cakes out of her home and she is responsible for this creative masterpiece. She has made all of our cakes for every family event for the past few years and has never let us down. They taste as good as they look too!

Now on to the cake I made for Baby L’s smash cake. You will see I am no baker or kitchen connoisseur.

I made a cake in a 9×13 pan. I cut a rectangle and iced it. I then took marshmallows, cut them in half, and used them as the smaller lego circles. It doesn’t look  too good, but hey, it was intended to be smashed anyways.

Well, that is what I have for the night.  I have some Christmas wrapping to do and then it is to bed for me. Baby L’s one year checkup in the am!

First Birthday Fun!


Today was Baby L’s First Birthday Party! It was a great time shared with close family and friends!

I decided months ago that Baby L’s First Birthday Party would be Lego themed. Each month, on his month birthday, I have taken his picture…to see how he has changed month to month and every month I spelled out what number month it was using Legos. M was a good sport and let me borrow his Legos. 🙂   Below are a few examples of the month pictures.

Baby L @ 1 month old

Baby L @ 7 months old


And that was my inspiration for the Lego Themed party.

However, it has been a long weekend…so, details and how to’s will come tomorrow!

Till then- 🙂



Holiday Happenings…


Baby L turns one on Monday!!! I can’t believe it!  Where did the year go?

As I think about baby L turning one, I think about this time last year- the beginning of the holiday season.

The night before I went into labor, the hubby, M, and I went and picked out our Christmas tree. We got home late, and decided we would decorate it later that week, seeing as Baby L wasn’t due for another two weeks. The next morning, the day my labor began, I took M to see Santa in the morning. Walking around among hundreds of other kids wanting to see Santa, while in what I would call excruciating pain, was not how I intended to start my Saturday morning.

Picking out our tree….

And…24 hours later…


 However, I had no idea that Saturday would end with me in the hospital ready to deliver our Baby L…

Fast forward to three days later. We bring Baby L home. Our tree, still bare in the corner, is in desperate need of water. I had a newborn, I was breastfeeding every hour and a half, and my body was sore. Decorating for Christmas was not at the top of the priority list. However, The tree did get decorated- eventually. Some other decorations managed to find their place. But, lets just say I was not winning the neighborhood award for best Christmas Light Display. Christmas morning came. M, excited as always, flew down the stairs, ready to see what Santa had brought him. Baby L, well, it was just another day. Only weeks old, Christmas wasn’t any different than any other day. I didn’t even bother to take Baby L to see Santa. Who wants to take a newborn out in 30 degree weather to a mall packed with children? Christmas came and went.

Fast forward a year.

This holiday season I am ready to go and am excited for Baby L to experience the joys of Christmas. We picked out our tree Friday night. Baby L, though not as interested in finding the perfect tree as M was, had fun. We brought it home, put some strands of lights on- I made sure we had a couple strands of blinking lights to keep Baby L’s attention, and began sorting through the ornaments. Having a one year old definitely changes how you decorate a tree. After sorting through the ornaments, only a handful remained after pulling out any that were sharp, breakable, or too meaningful that I would be heartbroken if it were to break. Our bottom half of our tree is bare. Nothing too low that will tempt Baby L to grab. The top half of the tree- not as glamorous as previous years- looks pretty darn good, and  is somewhat baby proofed- if anything can be baby proofed these days.

This week I also decided it was time for Baby L to meet Santa. It was a year overdue. 🙂 I took M and Baby L to see Santa and Mrs. Claus. Baby L sat on Mrs. Claus’s lap and M on Santa’s. I was able to get a decent picture.

My boys with Santa and Mrs. Claus- pre-meltdown

However, when I tried to get a picture of both boys only with Santa- a meltdown ensued. Baby L was terrified of Santa! He screamed, arms reaching toward me, his face saying “help me!”  As we walk away, Baby L catching his breath from his bout of crying, M says,” I didn’t want to be rude and pull his beard, but don’t you think he was the real Santa?” I think we’re approaching that age. That age where the “magic” of Santa is questioned. M has told me that the kids in his class think he is full of bologna for still believing. Second Grade?! Really? Already? 😦

Then to tonight, the holiday excitement hasn’t stopped. The whole family went downtown tonight to the local Christmas Parade. I had taken M in previous years and had a great time. Obviously, we did not make it last year-so, I was determined this year. Hubby didn’t have to work, so we were going.

It was amazing! 

Baby L absolutely loved it. Antsy to get out of his stroller at first, once the parade started, he sat on my lap for nearly an hour watching the parade with eyes wide with excitement and awe. He would bounce and dance as the marching bands passed, quietly whisper “dog” as the local rescue groups passed by with their dogs dressed up in santa and reindeer garb. His eyes would light up with the ambulance and police lights. I didn’t even need to watch the parade. It was pure joy to simply watch the reactions of my two  boys as they took in all the sights and sounds.


My boys @ the Parade


Enjoying the Sights and Sounds!

It is only the first week of December and I am so excited to continue introducing Baby L to our traditions during the holiday season. There is so much more excitement and joy to be shared! 🙂