“Building” Memories- Lego Themed First Birthday Party


So, Baby L’s First Birthday Party details!

Baby L, the birthday boy! 

We held his party Sunday afternoon, couldn’t interrupt hunting season on Saturday! We invited about 25 of our close family and friends. It     didn’t seem like too many people, until they were all here, all wanting time with Baby L. Baby L was overwhelmed with the number of people and already yawning, he had decided that morning he was ready to party then and didn’t need to take his nap. Figures.

Besides me under estimating the amount of food I would need- poor party planning on my part, oops!- I think the party was a great success. I kept with my Lego theme as much as I could with limited resources and a relatively small budget to work with. No need to go over the top for a party Baby L won’t even remember.

Below are some snapshots from the party( I will warn you- I have a very outdated camera, with a cracked LCD screen):

The Drink Station! 

I bought yellow solo cups( Buy one, get one 1/2 off at Party City-they have that deal quite often!) and took a Sharpie Marker and simply drew a smiley face, or more of a smirk, on each cup. I knew some people would drink wine and I wanted to spice the wine glasses up a bit. I found a link online for the lego man head template. (http://www.sweetsugarbelle.com/blog/2011/03/lego-man-cookie-tutorial/) I copied and pasted it into Microsoft Word and printed it out on yellow paper. I again drew the “lego man smirk” as I will call it. I taped them on each glass. I added a wooden “1” I found at a local craft store and painted it blue.

And ta da…a relatively easy drink station complete.

Guess How Many Legos! 

Again, this was very easy. I am an extremely hardcore yard saler- I get it from my mom. I try and go every Saturday. As my husband gets excited for hunting season to start, I get depressed because the beginning of hunting season starts to signal the end of “yard sale season” as I call it. Anyway-back to the party. Over the summer I had found a huge bucket of legos for only $2. For anyone who has ever bought legos, you know how pricey these blocks can get. I couldn’t pass up the deal-I figured I would find something to use them for or would end up giving them to M for Christmas.

Well- I actually found a few things to use them for.This was the first. I simply filled a mason jar I found around the house with legos, obviously counting them as I went. I then printed a sign out asking each guest to guess how many. The prize ending up being a Lowe’s Gift Card so the winner could start “building” something for themselves.

Lego-Themed Ornament Favors! 

Second use for my bucket full of yard sale legos! Christmas Ornament Favors.These were a huge hit! ( wish I had a close up :()

Because we mainly had adults at Baby L’s party and because his birthday is in December, I decided to make ornaments as the favors. I found clear, plastic ball ornaments at Michael’s Arts and Crafts Store. I paid about 79 cents for each one. They were normally more, but I caught them on a week they were on sale, plus if you sign up for Michael’s email list- you will ALWAYS get coupons- I never pay for anything full price there! I bought about 20 or so.

I then filled each one with a variety of legos- different colors and sizes.Then came the most tedious and time consuming part. I took puffy paint- I only had the fabric kind, but it worked great- and I wrote on each bulb, “Thank you for “Building” Memories with me! 2011″ I had some leftover ribbon from who knows where and I tied a piece on each ornament. They came out better than I had imagined.

Lego-Themed Page for Baby L’s Scrapbook! 

 I didn’t get a good picture of this, but it is simple to explain. I used construction paper to create legos for a scrapbooking page. I glued a couple “legos” on the page. I then had every guest write a message and sign the page. I will make this Baby L’s last page of his first year scrapbook- It will complete his first year of “building” memories. I thought of this because I really believe the frame with everyone’s signatures around it is way overdone.

How many frames from significant events can we have hanging on our walls?? We would have our first birthday, highschool graduation, college graduation, promotions, wedding, etc… the list could go on…

Party Decorations

So, I already had this candle holder, not sure the proper name for it. I simply added Legos around the candle instead of the stones I originally had in it. Simple.

Not sure if you can see, again fail on me for not taking a better picture, I created large lego blocks. I took old Capri Sun Boxes and wrapped them in wrapping paper. I then used construction paper of the same color and cut 8 circles. I taped them on. They worked out as great centerpieces and Baby L has been playing with them ever since.

Lego Candies. I bought these at a candy shop in our mall. They added a little something. I have read some blogs, where the person hosting has also made their food lego-themed and lego-shaped.  Honestly, I did not have the time, the motivation, or the culinary expertise for that. If you do- more power to you.

Baby L’s Birthday Cake 

I will preface this with- I definitely did not make this and would never have the creativity, patience, or experience to create such a wonderful cake!  My mother has a close friend who makes cakes out of her home and she is responsible for this creative masterpiece. She has made all of our cakes for every family event for the past few years and has never let us down. They taste as good as they look too!

Now on to the cake I made for Baby L’s smash cake. You will see I am no baker or kitchen connoisseur.

I made a cake in a 9×13 pan. I cut a rectangle and iced it. I then took marshmallows, cut them in half, and used them as the smaller lego circles. It doesn’t look  too good, but hey, it was intended to be smashed anyways.

Well, that is what I have for the night.  I have some Christmas wrapping to do and then it is to bed for me. Baby L’s one year checkup in the am!


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