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10 Things I Have Learned Living With Boys!


10  things I have learned living with all boys! 

1. Farts are funny and always will be-no matter how old you are. 

It is scary that my husband, 27 years old, will still sometimes laugh when he farts. If M farts, M won’t be able to stop his laughing for who knows how long. What is even more scary- Baby L will “toot” as I like to call it, look at my husband or M and then let out a little laugh. Are you serious? It must be a genetic thing in males.

Oh, and they don’t even need to be real farts.  M makes fart noises with his armpits, legs, whatever. Oh lord…I better just get used to it.

But it’s okay- they’ve got nothing on my burps-  mom can outburp them all 🙂

2. Wrestling and “Play” Fighting is the only way to have fun. 

I can’t count the number of times M and my husband start a wrestling match or a “fight.” Even Baby L will try and crawl on top of them these days.

I will admit, I will start a challenge with M every now and then. I won’t win for long, he’ll be bigger than me any day, so I might as well take advantage.

Pile Up-Baby L on daddy who is on M. 

3. I will never buy enough milk. 

 For real. A gallon of milk lasts our family about 1.5 days. No joke. Today I went to the store and bought two gallons of 1% milk and one gallon of whole milk for Baby L. Guarantee I will be back at the store by Monday buying more milk. Growing boys!

4. Quiet Time does not exist. 

5. Anything can be made into a toy gun. I mean anything. 

M has an imagination like no one else I know. He can pretend anything is a gun-a pencil, paper, tree limbs, silverware, legos, straws, you name it- it’s a toy gun.

6. Shoot em’ up video games are cool- not violent. Oh, and you’re never too old for arcade games. 

M would want to play any of these new video  games any day if I would let him. But, unfortunately for him, mom thinks there too violent. To every boy and man, hubby included, the games are “cool.”

Oh, and if M ever suggests going to the local arcade-hubby is right on board. They play shoot em’ up games, racing games, and whatever else. I usually wander around aimlessly, overwhelmed by the screaming kids, loud noises, and flashing lights. I will hit up a game of skee ball though 🙂 But, again- boys are never too old for arcades.

7. Fire is awesome. Blowing up stuff is even better! 

Fourth of July at my parent’s house is always a blast for M and my hubby. They end up making bottle rockets, blowing up GI Joes, blowing up canteloupes or whatever else they can come up with. What guy wouldn’t think that is awesome?

M waiting to blow up a can or a GI Joe or just play with smoke bombs? 

8. Big Trucks and Sports Cars – all guys want one or the other- or both 

M, at 7 years old, already claims he is going to buy a corvette when he is 16. Little does he realize he needs a heck of a lot of money and mommy and daddy are sure as hell not paying the insurance for that!

M is also obsessed with big diesel trucks. I took him to a truck and tractor pull last year. Below, was his reaction- needless to say he thought it was awesome.

M checking out some cars at a local Fourth of July Festival 

9. No matter how much mom will love it, boys do not want to wear argyle sweaters or boat shoes. Or corduroys–sorry Nana. 

Little does M know, I bought him an argyle sweater for Christmas. As long as he wears it a couple times, I’ll be happy. And at least I have a few years to dress Baby L all “preppy,” as my hubby calls it, before he has an opinion on his wardrobe.

10. Boys always love their mama.

No matter how crazy I get, no matter how many times I calls M’s outfit “cute” or want him to hold my hand, and no matter how many times I tell them to “calm down,” my boys always love me. They will cuddle with me, hug me, hang out with me, and still take goofy pictures with me.

I have learned so much more living with boys, but the list would just keep going. Boys love bugs, they want them as pets. Jeans will always have holes in them.  It’s cool to watch dad gut a deer. The house will never be clean. No, mom, we do not notice the dirt underneath our nails…etc. etc.