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12 months old and already addicted to the iPad!


Baby L loves my iPad. I may have made the mistake of downloading some apps for him, so now of course he thinks the iPad is his toy. He probably thinks it is just another toy he should be able to carry around with him, but for some reason mean mommey won’t let him. Yeah, kid, you’re right- I’m not  going to let you carry around a $500 “toy.’ Scream all you want.

I absolutely love the iPad. I use it for everything! I check my email, surf the internet, check facebook, play games, watch my tv shows (since I canceled cable), listen to my music, and the list goes on. I also downloaded some apps for the boys. I’ve realized that the iPad is a great tool to use when it is time to “chill out” before Baby L’s nap or relax in the evening. There are two apps that Baby L is a big fan of. He may not tell me verbally, but I can definitely tell by the expression on his face and his squeels of delight as he is checking out the apps.

Baby L’s fave iPad apps!

#1 – I Hear Ewe

This app includes 24 different animal sounds and 12 vehicle sounds. You just simply tap on the picture of either the animal or vehicle and the computer will say,”This is the sound a dog makes…” and then you will hear the sound. Baby L loves it. He navigates the screen by himself (already at 12 months! scary) and loves to hear the different sounds! He often turns the iPad over to try and figure out where the sounds are coming from 🙂

Baby L playing on the iPad!

# 2 – Baby Finger HD

Pr etty much, when you tap the screen different numbers and shapes pop up, along with different sounds. I find some of the sounds bazzaar, such as the flushing toilet, but Baby L loves it. Whatever floats his boat!


Let me remind you, both of the above apps are free.

I’m pretty cheap when it comes to buying apps. However, I did just spend a whopping $3.99 on an app for Baby L. Recently, we have been checking out the Sandra Boynton books at the library. Baby L seems to enjoy them when M reads them to him. I bought one of her books in the app store, The Going To Bed Book. You have the option of the computer reading it to you or reading it outloud to yourself. So far, Baby L only shows interest if he is really tired and not interested in playing and touching the screen. I would probably wait a little while before buying anymore “book” apps-I think Baby L still wants to be able to eat and throw his books.


I know some parents may be concerned about introducing their children to technology so young, but this is what our world has become. M, who is now in second grade, has been using Apple laptops at school since Kindergarten. God knows, he will know more about computers in a few years than I do. At least I haven’t gotten Baby L or M their own twitter or facebook account…not yet…

Check out this article..

“Twitter For Babies? Parents Reserving Accounts Early”


Technology is a great way to get children interested in learning. M, who claims he HATES math, will play any of the math apps I have downloaded any day. Now, if I wanted to practice his addition facts with flashcards- no way. Anyway he wants to learn- as long as he is learning. And of course, he plays angry birds every now and then…

The iPad is a great tool that I will continue using with my boys. As Baby L becomes a toddler, the number of educational apps available becomes overwhelming. We will see if my iPad even makes into his toddling years… I did get the warranty plan though just in case he runs off with my iPad one of these days.

But, Baby L doesn’t need mommy’s iPad…he can get his own..check this out…

It’s like an iPad for kids under the age of 3!


The Vinci Genius

Now if mom had $500 to spare, maybe Baby L could get this from Santa.

Till  next time…