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Mom’s Night Out- We Party Like Rock Stars…


Mom’s Night Out- we party like rock stars- at least in our own mom world-which really means we have a burger, one alcoholic beverage, and we are in bed by 1030…

Tonight I went to my once a month Mom’s Night Out. And of course had a great time- I always do. My fellow mom’s are excellent company and we always have a night full of laughs. Our conversations tonight varied from our discussion of our love for beans to the fact that I could probably flirt my way into getting us free drinks for the night to learning our state capital has one of the highest STD rates…Goodness knows how we find our topics of conversation.


When Baby L was just a month old, I decided to try out this mother/baby group at one of the local churches that was advertised through the hospital. I figured it would be an avenue to meet other new moms and would serve as a support group for the adventure I will call breastfeeding. It was successful in both. The woman leading the group, a lactation consultant, provided an enormous amount of information and advice concerning breastfeeding and everything that goes along with that. I also met a group of women that have become more than just a baby support group-they have become friends.

About 5 or 6 of us started meeting for coffee every week after group. We started to get to know each other. Added perk- we all have boys and they are all within a month or two in age of each other! Pretty awesome!

The once a week group at the church was designed for moms with babies under the age of 6 months. Before we knew it, our little guys were at that age! It was time for us to graduate from our Tuesday morning group- we had to make room for the moms with only week-old babies! We decided then that we would continue to meet once a week….and we did.

We have met every week since then (minus a couple hectic weeks). We have watched our babies grow into little boys! We have shared our excitements about their firsts, we have shed tears and shared our frustrations, and we have laughed! We use each other as a sounding board, asking questions, discussing our babies new stages of development, expressing our concerns.

We talk about feeding schedules, sleep schedules, introducing solids, and yes, we even talk about their poop. 🙂

And as crazy as our lives get, we have always made time for our once a week baby group.

I could not imagine the past year without this group of women. They have not only provided insight, advice, and sanity when I needed it, but we have created a friendship and bond I could not put into words.

Now that our babies boys are older and don’t need mommy 24/7, we have started going out for dinner and drinks once a month, baby-free. These nights, which I look forward to all month long, are our “girls night outs.” And though we may not live it up like we did pre-baby, pre-hubby, and although we are ready for bed at 10pm, we have fun, we drink, and we laugh! And honestly, that is all that matters.

I cherish these nights- I cherish these women.

P.S. I strongly suggest anyone expecting or anyone with a little one-reach out to your community resources. You never know who you will meet, how they will help,or the impact they will make in your life.