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Holiday Happenings…


Baby L turns one on Monday!!! I can’t believe it!  Where did the year go?

As I think about baby L turning one, I think about this time last year- the beginning of the holiday season.

The night before I went into labor, the hubby, M, and I went and picked out our Christmas tree. We got home late, and decided we would decorate it later that week, seeing as Baby L wasn’t due for another two weeks. The next morning, the day my labor began, I took M to see Santa in the morning. Walking around among hundreds of other kids wanting to see Santa, while in what I would call excruciating pain, was not how I intended to start my Saturday morning.

Picking out our tree….

And…24 hours later…


 However, I had no idea that Saturday would end with me in the hospital ready to deliver our Baby L…

Fast forward to three days later. We bring Baby L home. Our tree, still bare in the corner, is in desperate need of water. I had a newborn, I was breastfeeding every hour and a half, and my body was sore. Decorating for Christmas was not at the top of the priority list. However, The tree did get decorated- eventually. Some other decorations managed to find their place. But, lets just say I was not winning the neighborhood award for best Christmas Light Display. Christmas morning came. M, excited as always, flew down the stairs, ready to see what Santa had brought him. Baby L, well, it was just another day. Only weeks old, Christmas wasn’t any different than any other day. I didn’t even bother to take Baby L to see Santa. Who wants to take a newborn out in 30 degree weather to a mall packed with children? Christmas came and went.

Fast forward a year.

This holiday season I am ready to go and am excited for Baby L to experience the joys of Christmas. We picked out our tree Friday night. Baby L, though not as interested in finding the perfect tree as M was, had fun. We brought it home, put some strands of lights on- I made sure we had a couple strands of blinking lights to keep Baby L’s attention, and began sorting through the ornaments. Having a one year old definitely changes how you decorate a tree. After sorting through the ornaments, only a handful remained after pulling out any that were sharp, breakable, or too meaningful that I would be heartbroken if it were to break. Our bottom half of our tree is bare. Nothing too low that will tempt Baby L to grab. The top half of the tree- not as glamorous as previous years- looks pretty darn good, and  is somewhat baby proofed- if anything can be baby proofed these days.

This week I also decided it was time for Baby L to meet Santa. It was a year overdue. 🙂 I took M and Baby L to see Santa and Mrs. Claus. Baby L sat on Mrs. Claus’s lap and M on Santa’s. I was able to get a decent picture.

My boys with Santa and Mrs. Claus- pre-meltdown

However, when I tried to get a picture of both boys only with Santa- a meltdown ensued. Baby L was terrified of Santa! He screamed, arms reaching toward me, his face saying “help me!”  As we walk away, Baby L catching his breath from his bout of crying, M says,” I didn’t want to be rude and pull his beard, but don’t you think he was the real Santa?” I think we’re approaching that age. That age where the “magic” of Santa is questioned. M has told me that the kids in his class think he is full of bologna for still believing. Second Grade?! Really? Already? 😦

Then to tonight, the holiday excitement hasn’t stopped. The whole family went downtown tonight to the local Christmas Parade. I had taken M in previous years and had a great time. Obviously, we did not make it last year-so, I was determined this year. Hubby didn’t have to work, so we were going.

It was amazing! 

Baby L absolutely loved it. Antsy to get out of his stroller at first, once the parade started, he sat on my lap for nearly an hour watching the parade with eyes wide with excitement and awe. He would bounce and dance as the marching bands passed, quietly whisper “dog” as the local rescue groups passed by with their dogs dressed up in santa and reindeer garb. His eyes would light up with the ambulance and police lights. I didn’t even need to watch the parade. It was pure joy to simply watch the reactions of my two  boys as they took in all the sights and sounds.


My boys @ the Parade


Enjoying the Sights and Sounds!

It is only the first week of December and I am so excited to continue introducing Baby L to our traditions during the holiday season. There is so much more excitement and joy to be shared! 🙂